We harness the creative power of students and encourage them to “pester their moms” to do a self exam every month!

Every breast cancer awareness event is organised by a student at their school/ University without funds


Protect Your Mom campaign

Organization: Protect your mom

Year Founded: 2011

Website: www.protectyourmom.asia

Protect your mom offers an innovative and scalable solution to the challenge of preventing breast cancer fatalities by harnessing the creative power of the youth and urging them to pester their moms to check for lumps and early signs of breast cancer at zero cost

Focus: Health, Breast cancer awareness, Children and Youth, Maternal Health  

Model: Zero cost, zero funds, Non-Profit based on social media

Number of Direct Beneficiaries: It can help reduce mortalities dues to late detection. Over 500.000 die annually 

Annual budget: Zero(Except time )  

Percentage Earned Revenue: Reduced medical expenses, saved lives


Founder is one in hundred by The Hundred org,( https://www.theonehundred.org/)Boston, USA.2011.

The founder is one of the top 100 women achievers in India and was invited by the President of India,2016

Founder is one of the top 100 Indian women in the Middle east and Africa, 2016



500000 lives are lost to breast cancer every year. Statistically one out of 8 ladies are at risk. Early detection could increase the survival rates to 95%.Mothers are usually too busy to check for lumps and early signs even if they are aware of the symptoms. Most of them ignore it till cancer spreads and becomes fatal. So we took an unusual route- through children

 Innovation and Activities

Protect your mom campaign was started to make the students pester their moms to check for lumps and early signs of breast cancer. The campaign targets students for three reasons.1.They

 grow up to be more informed adults 2. Mothers are unlikely to screen out kids unlike doctors and official sources. 3. Students can be reached through social media at zero cost.

Kids thus grow up to be more informed adults and might reach their moms more effectively than doctors and commercial sources at zero cost saving thousands of lives.

Unique features

  • Every event is organized by student leaders in their own school/ University without funds.
  • The campaign focus on creating awareness about self exams and encourages kids to pester moms to check for early signs.
  • The only campaign which truly educates even 8 year olds by encouraging them to do a lot of research.
  • Zero cost ,zero staffed campaign run by volunteers connected via facebook
  • Creates awareness through music, dance and art -the language of the youth.
  • Builds leadership and organizational skills by assisting students to organize events to create awareness
  • Business /Marketing students could also test their skills while saving lives.

Kids as young as 7 campaign in India , Kenya, Russia etc during holidays. We build leaders!


The biggest achievement is that we have definitely saved 2 lives , Elizabeth Abraham and Shirley. Both of them are alive because their children pestered their moms to go to the doctor when they found suspicious signs. They would have ignored it like thousands of other Indian women. Their stories can be found at https://www.facebook.com/pg/protectyourmom/videos/?ref=page_internal

Created awareness about self exams through events in over 70 school wide events which educated thousands of students at no expense. Most of the events were covered by media

Actually made students pester their moms to do self exams and ensure they are safe!

Has a unique collection of stories of survivors to inspire cancer patients and assure them that there is life at the end of the tunnel

Held the first ever survivors show at Kochi , Kerala India where 5 Indian survivors proved that there is life after cancer. Defying all taboos and myths!

Started adopt  a chemo patient in 2013 . School children directly pay the bills of chemo patients and understand the value of money, life and get rewarded with tears of joy. Thereby creating a more caring generation!.

PYM went global in 2016 with the following developments

  • India-Students as young as 8 held events in Kashmir, Bihar, Kollam,Trivandrum, Mangalore, Punjab, Chennai, Bangalore and Udupi in India. Held 5 pink walkathons in Kerala involving over 1000 students every year from 2011.
  • World– In 2016 kids as young as 7 held events in Russia, Kenya, Sri Lanka during the summer holidays
  • UAE- over 50 schools from all Emirates have held PYM events.

Started Chemo buddies in a small informal way to help cancer patients

Has a unique collection of dances, songs, speeches,skits etc to create awareness. Check the site for samples.

Converted into a case study on “pester power” in social marketing in association with University of Wollongong and published in Marketing Journal ,a top European Journal.

Outstanding events of 2016 can be viewed at http://www.protectyourmom.asia/pym-events/best-of-2016


  • Boys go bald,specially designed dances, Kids help chemo patients, Pink ribbon with 7000 hand made posters, 5th Pink walkathon at Kochi, India and world’s youngest pink ribbon by 3 year olds

    Following TedX model ,a standardised speech including a PYM pledge is delivered at every event.Students anywhere in the world could view the videos and follow instructions on the website and organize similar events and create awareness. Complete guidance is provided free of cost for organizing such events. Volunteers could also assist with their skills from anywhere in the world. 

  In six years PYM has grown from a dream to a major campaign .PYM has involved over 70000 students in various events which spread the message at zero cost while students and indirectly their moms get a deeper understanding while organising events. Many students in Dubai have made it their mission to spend their summer holidays spreading this message in their hometowns in India. Former PYMers who are now studying abroad are planning events in Toronto and UK nowThe top achievers are honored to motivate them.

 The Entrepreneur The founder, Premi Mathew, an MBA  has taught Marketing and Business subjects in reputed Universities in UAE and India for the last 20 years.

Press reports https://www.facebook.com/Protect-YOUR-MOM-Press-101023293362683/?ref=br_rs

TV Reports https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLX2Jh84kCpfjZvdA72CzkxTH51ob90XZK


To beat breast cancer with pester power

400,000 people lose their lives every year!Just because they detect breast cancer too late. Early detection can increase survival rates to 98%.One out of 8 ladies will end up with breastcancer . So we aim to ensure that every child pesters his /her mom to check for lumps and early signs of breast cancer every month,(Do a self exam).We harness the creativity of students to create dances , songs, posters and unusual events to create awareness and beat breast cancer at zero cost!

Students as young as 7 have organised events to create awareness about self exams. We build tomorrow’s leaders by helping them organise events in UAE and India at zero cost. Over 40,000 students have participated in PYM events .


Brent D’Souza in Kenya                   Aaditya and Aditi in Russia     Divyasree and Harisree DPS

Winner- Most beautiful PYM event 2015! 

Emirates International School, Jumeirah!


Best event overseas (School- Village International School, Thodupuzha, India) By 9 year old PYM Brand Ambassador Carthika from Our Own English High School, Sharjah.

Best event overseas 2015 (Cochin University), India.


Best event 2015 in UAE  – Heriot Watt University , Dubai

Watch some of the best PYM Events by Emirates International School, Springdales School,

Millenium School , Our Own English High School and DPS at




Email to pym20101@hotmail.com

Our mission is to ensure that every child pesters his mom to check for these early signs so that no one loses her to cancer!

400000 women die every year just because they ignore these early signs.

                                                          WARNING SIGNS OF BREAST CANCER!



Click on the link  to see the awesome events by students as young as 7 https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.776703372348820.1073741878.159563707396126&type=1

You will find the full collection of dances , songs etc under winners.http://www.protectyourmom.asia/contest-entries-2013